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Frequently Asked Questions about Howa Rifles

These are the questions we get asked most often about Howa Rifles and we hope you find this section useful.
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Q: Can I test-fire a Howa rifle at Ivythorn Sporting?

A: Yes, absolutely! We have a series of demonstrator/second-hand rifles here at Ivythorn, which can be tested by appointment on our own Centrefire range.
There is no obligation to purchase; We simply want you to be able to experience how good these rifles are, and make up your own mind.
(Please note, we cannot allow the testing of new rifles, unless purchased, but you are welcome to use our demonstrator range.)

Q: Are they a good rifle?

A: Yes they are. All Howa rifles are built to the same high standard with modern design and engineering principles and the use of high quality materials. And in fact if you read the notes under About Us section you will see Howa have been building rifles under licence for Weatherby for many years.

Q: I am considering buying a new Howa – can I choose the barrel, action and stock I’d like?

A: Yes you can choose from the many options available – please take a look at barrelled actions and Howa stocks available.

Q: Howa - who are Howa?

A: Good question - please refer to the About us section to read about Howa.

Q: Do Howa make a true left hand rifle?

A: Unfortunately Howa currently don't manufacture a true left hand action currently, but a range of Ambidextrous stocks are available.

Q: Is the Howa 1500 a switch barrel rifle?

A: No, the Howa is of strong conventional design with fixed barrel.

Q: Why do Ivythorn Sporting stock Howa rifles?

A: Here at Ivythorn we consider the Howa to be the best rifle in the price range.

Q: Can I change the floor plate magazine on a Howa rifle?

A: Yes - there a magazine conversion kit.

Q: Are Howa rifles Thread cut?

A: Yes - all common calibres are factory thread cut, 1/2" UNF for standard barrel and 5/8" UNF for Varmint barrels (thread caps are included).

Q: Can you adjust the trigger on a Howa?

A: Good question – yes, it is user adjustable for weight of pull (we recommend this be done by a qualified person).

Q: Do Howa rifle have a 3 position safety?

A: Yes, the Howa does have a 3 position safety to allow safe removal of ammunition whilst the rifle safety is set.

Q: How to break-in Howa barrels?

A: Please check this great manual about break-in Howa barrels Adobe PDF Format.

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